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Our Angel Fund relies on individual contributions to provide free services and support to CNY & NNY residents on their cancer journey. Please consider making a donation to our Angel Fund and be assured that your gift always stays local and helps folks right here in CNY & NNY!

Our Angel Fund began with just one special donation from a local family who had been on their own cancer journey, and from there we immediately began raising additional funds to provide direct one-time financial assistance up to $500 — and bringing hope and kindness — to adult, CNY & NNY non-breast cancer patients in need. The Angel Fund is 100% supported by donations from the CNY & NNY community… So it is truly neighbor helping neighbor!

The generosity of Angel Fund donors enables us to pay for items such as medical copayments, health insurance premiums, groceries, transportation expenses, nutrition supplements, and general quality of life living expenses. Since 2014, our Angel Fund has provided more than $346,000 in financial support to local cancer patients throughout CNY & NNY counties!

We cannot pay for: Tax bills of any kind, vendor bills where total owed is less than $10, auto loans for cars in repossession or payments are more than 1 month behind, premium cable bill items (such as pay-per-view or move rentals), auto insurance, household repairs not related to health/safety, legal fees, DMV fees, late fees, water bills, medical bills from a collection agency, fertility treatment bills, security deposits, or family members’ medical bills.

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